Dental Implants

What’s Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental Implants Surgery is a medical procedure that allows you to replace damaged or crooked teeth with artificial ones. The functionality and look of the implants are the same as the real ones – replacing weakened tooth roots with metal posts to support new bridgework and dentures.

Smiling lady at the dentist’s clinic prepping for her dental implant surgery

The way this surgery is performed depends on the condition of your jawbone and the type of implant you want to get. Though it’s an extensive process that consists of several procedures, the result is guaranteed to make it all worth it. One of the major benefits of getting dental implants is the strengthening of gums and having solid support for your new pearly whites. They serve as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth.

Planning & Safety

Getting dental implants means consulting with lots and dentists and going through different dental exams so you can end up with teeth that fit perfectly to the dimensions of your mouth. First, you visit an oral surgeon who specializes in conditions of the mouth, jaw, and face. Next, you consult a dentist who specializes in treating gums and bones that support your teeth. And finally, you meet with a prosthodontist who designs and fits artificial teeth.

As per safety protocols, every patient that comes in for dental implants has to go through a comprehensive dental exam where X-rays and 3D images are taken of the mouth. Next, there’s a thorough review of your medical history to determine pre and post-surgery care. And finally, a treatment plan is tailored to your situation that factors in how many implants you need and the type of anesthesia that is to be given.

Road to Recovery

After the dental implant surgery procedure is completed and the metal posts are secured, it’s time for osseointegration to start. This process allows the jawbone to grow into the surface of the implants. The healing process takes several months but the wait is definitely worth it. Call and make an appointment at West Los Angeles Dentistry and we will bring back that beautiful smile.

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